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The Eastern European Students Association is an official student association recognised by the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Our main goals are to unite all the different Eastern European cultures and integrate them into the Dutch society. We have members from all over Eastern Europe as well as members from outside Eastern Europe that are simply interested in our cultures. We exist out of 5 committees: Marketing, Career, Social, City Trips and Creative.

By providing our members with exceptional events and a community, we’ve been able to grow substantially throughout the years. Take a look through our site to learn more about what we have to offer.



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The Social Committee will organise parties and events of the association throughout the year. Events will include the annual party East meets West, bar events and collaborations with other associations. This committee is a great place to learn more about organising events, meeting new people and having fun.

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The career/educational committee supports the professional development of students as well as aims to help all students make the most out of their years at EUR, by providing career/educational oriented opportunities, such as workshops, professional talks, exam preparations, networking events, and other events directed to help the development of the student.

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The City Trip Committee organizes the yearly EESA Trip to an Eastern European destination which will take place in February/March. If you love to travel, are good at finding the best flights and hotel deals and want to have a say on the destination of this year’s trip, then this committee is perfect for you. Who knows where we will go: Budapest, Prague, or maybe even Belgrade?

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Creative Committee is all about sharing and celebrating the diverse cultures of Eastern Europe! The events will range from movie screenings to language cafes, art & music workshops and photography classes. If these are topics that interest you, the creative committee will be a great choice!

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Are you a person who attains innovative and creative ideas, wants to develop your social and team-work skills, and enjoys social media management? Then, the Marketing Committee is the right team for you to join. This committee promotes all events organized by the other board members and associations, develops a marketing strategy, and manages EESA’s social media like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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 Hello, my name is Noi Hajba, a second year IBCoM student from Hungary 🇭🇺:)
Last year I started out as an active member in EESA which later on inspired me to apply for a board position.

I am honored to be this year’s President. My tasks include overseeing the association so that everything runs smoothly, taking care of formalities, and maintaining the internal integrity of the association.

As a board member i will also be chairing the social committee with Szymon, our Treasurer. Be sure to keep track of all the events we’re planning for you guys!

Besides that, my favorite activities include sleeping, binge watching shows and going out with friends:)


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Hey! My name is Paul Chis, and I am currently IBA year 3.

My EESA journey started last year, when I joined both the Career Committe 🧳 and Social Committe 🎉. I helped organise many successful and fun events, among which discussions with managers from consulting & marketing, as well as a balkan party and pub crawl.

Last year at EESA I developed both personally and professionally so I decided to continue this year. By networking at EESA, I obtained my current internship at a great Dutch company in Data & Visualisation. If you join, this may happen to you as well, so be aware 😊

Next year I will coordinate the Career Committee, and we will focus on organising events aimed at discovering career paths, CVs, finding internships and networking 🕶.
Don’t worry if this sounds too serious. Being an active member means you’ll have the opportunity to participate in many city Trip(s!), Parties and Creative events.

A little about me: I enjoy travelling, maintaining a life-work balance, sports, board games as well as cooking (more the eating part to be honest).


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Hey! I’m Anhelina and I was born and raised in Ukraine 🇺🇦 . I study the Management of International Social Challenges, which means that I love solving various challenges not just in daily life, but also globally.

🚀As a Marketing Officer, I’m in charge of promoting EESA in social media via various creative tools and channels. Prior to that, I had an experience in Facebook ads, working with schools of online education in several countries. I also took a position of Social Media and Sales Specialist in Dutch software licensing startup.

On top of than, I’m in charge of the Marketing Committee (which you can actually join soon😉). Together with Active members we will make sure that
✔️You are updated about ALL the EESA initiatives
✔️Our visuals are stylish and catchy
✔️Our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn stay on top of your feed
✔️Our Tik Toks are funny and useful

⚡️I enjoy balancing my educational/professional path with hobbies. Something that makes my heart beat faster is photography. Besides that, I love playing ukulele, singing, cooking (especially baking) and recently started doing yoga.

I’m looking forward to meet you on our recruitment drinks and other events!

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✋🏻My name is Aleksandra Staniec and this year I am a second-year student of a double degree in Economics and Econometrics

✔️This year I will hold the position of secretary, my tasks include overseeing our correspondence and being the first person for other parties to contact. As part of the board, I’ll be managing our city trips committee. Make sure to keep track of our future announcements….

🙂A little bit about me, my favourite show is Friends, I love dancing and you will always see me with a cup of coffee.


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I am currently a second-year IBA student at RSM. I am particularly interested in quantitative subjects and the sports industry. I am very happy to also have a board position at EESA this year aside of my studies🥳

✔️As a treasurer at EESA, I take care of the association’s financial well-being, manage our bank account, keep a record of all our transactions, and determine the budget for various events.

✔️I will be in charge of all the fun stuff at EESA by leading the social committee along with Noi, our president. Get ready for the pub quizzes, bar crawls, and other special events that we will prepare for you!

✔️I am a big sports fan (football and running in particular) and in my free time I play futsal for Rotterdamse Studenten, the futsal association at our university. I enjoy learning foreign languages, listening to podcasts about world politics, discovering other cultures, and drinking beer🍻


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Hi! My name is Lara, I'm from Macedonia🇲🇰 and I am currently in my second year of bachelor studies, pursuing the program IBCoM.

📚 During my first year of university I made an effort to go to many events organized by different associations, however at the end EESA had the most impact on me which is why this year I decided to apply to be part of the board.

👥️️Fortunately, I am lucky enough to be this year's External Relations Officer which means that my tasks include keeping ahead of all external communication for things such as partnerships, sponsorhips or collaboratins. As the main point of contact, my goal is to expand EESA's network and create a versatile platform.

🎨Being part of the board, means that you have the duty of overseeing a committee. This year I will be managing the 🌟new🌟 creative committe, which will include various workshops and events. Keep an eye out for any future events.. 👀

🌊A little bit more about me is that my favorite place to be is by the sea and some of my favorite ways to relax are books, a nice cup of coffee, and driving at night with good music.


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