The Eastern European Students Association is an official student association recognised by the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Our main goals are to unite all the different Eastern European cultures and integrate them into the Dutch society. We have members from all over Eastern Europe as well as members from outside Eastern Europe that are simply interested in our cultures. We exist out of 5 committees: Marketing, Career, Social, City Trips and Creative.

By providing our members with exceptional events and a community, we’ve been able to grow substantially throughout the years. Take a look through our site to learn more about what we have to offer.




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The Social Committee will organise parties and events of the association throughout the year. Events will include the annual party East meets West, bar events and collaborations with other associations. This committee is a great place to learn more about organising events, meeting new people and having fun.

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The career/educational committee supports the professional development of students as well as aims to help all students make the most out of their years at EUR, by providing career/educational oriented opportunities, such as workshops, professional talks, exam preparations, networking events, and other events directed to help the development of the student.

Everything that brings added value to the existing education and future career prospects is welcome to be discussed and organised by this committee, we want everyone to feel like they are academically supported by this association and we want students to both have fun and learn valuable insights during our events. 

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The City Trip Committee organizes the yearly EESA Trip to an Eastern European destination which will take place in February/March. If you love to travel, are good at finding the best flights and hotel deals and want to have a say on the destination of this year’s trip, then this committee is perfect for you. Who knows where we will go: Budapest, Prague, or maybe even Moscow?



Cultural Committee is all about sharing and celebrating the diverse cultures of Eastern Europe! The events will range from movie screenings to language cafes, but we also won’t shy away from organising talks about the current political or social issues concerning Eastern Europe. If these are topics that interest you, the cultural committee will be a great choice!

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Are you a person who attains innovative and creative ideas, wants to develop your social and team-work skills, and enjoys social media management? Then, the Marketing Committee is the right team for you to join. This committee promotes all events organized by the other board members and associations, develops a marketing strategy, and manages EESA’s social media like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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My name is Sara Kaczmarek, and I am originally from Warsaw, Poland. I’m 20 years old and currently in my 3rd year of IBEB. 
I have been part of EESA for the past 2 year and this year, I am honored to be the President. My tasks are overseeing formalities, coordinating the board and ensuring that the association runs smoothly. I am responsible for maintaining contact with the university, other associations, companies, and partners. Besides all that, I’m also the face of EESA ;)
I will also chair this year’s City Trip Committee which organizes the yearly EESA trip to an Eastern European destination which is planned to take place in February/March. After that, I will help Julia with the Social Committee in organising cool parties and other social events! 
Aside from studying, working and being on the EESA board, I love traveling and exploring different cultures. My friends would describe me as hardworking and optimistic but mostly as a stand up comedian who’s fluent in sarcasm and a social butterfly who isn’t afraid of speaking her mind.



My name is Kaarin, I’m from Tallinn, Estonia and I’m currently doing my 3rd year in IBEB.
I’m happy to take on the role of Vice-President. My main duties will include being up-to-date with all EESA’s internal processes, representing the association and managing our members database, while ensuring a welcoming and enjoyable environment for all our active and passive members. 
I’ll also be chairing the Cultural Committee, which aims to bring a bit of Eastern Europe culture to Rotterdam. From fun ideas like movie screenings and liquor degustation to more serious events concerning political and social issues of Eastern Europe, we’ll hope to cover a wide range of topics to cast light on EE’s diverse cultures and modern challenges.



My name is Griselda Delija and I come from Tirana, Albania. I am 23 years old and I am currently in the third year of IBEB. 
I am very creative, fun and social. From experience, I have always enjoyed working in a team and often leading one. My hobbies include, latin dancing, filmmaking, photography, guitar playing, and volleyball.
This year I will be the Marketing Officer of EESA. My main role is promoting all the events that the association’s committees will organize and make sure that the social media like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn run smoothly. 
I will be chairing The Marketing Committee where together with the other members, will organize fun events, design templates for our social media and even make short movies about EESA. We will also be planning a strategy to promote EESA’ culture and events.
If you have any questions about the Marketing Committee or me, please do not hesitate to contact me.



My name is Julia Baranowska, I am 21 years old, I come from Wroclaw, Poland where I have lived until I was 14 years old. Afterwards, I moved to the Hague where I went to high school. I am in my second year of IBCoM and in my free time, I love to bake and go out with friends. 
This year I will be the secretary of EESA and chair the social committee. I am responsible for responding to emails and overall communication that is meant for EESA. During every meeting I take detailed minute notes, so when needed all board members can go back and check necessary information. 
Additionally, the Social Committee will be organizing events such as parties, drinks and many more. This will allow all the members to get to know each other better and promote the association in the light of the university. 
I am very open-minded, fun and caring, I am usually the group mom and this responsibility I carry with pride. If you would like to learn more about what I do, and the Social Committee you can either send me an email or just comment below. 



My name is Helene Tuhte, I was born in Estonia but grew up in Luxembourg. I finished IBEB this year and am currently continuing with a master in Supply Chain Management at RSM. 
Additionally, I am an outgoing and positive person. I really enjoy going out of my house and meeting new people, but I also always like being inside and watching football or Formula 1 or even reading a book.
This year I will be the treasurer of EESA, responsible for all financials of the association, managing the budget, recording transactions and assuring financial stability. 
I will also be the co-chair of the Career/Educational Committee which supports students during their time at EUR with different fun and educational events, talks and workshops. I am looking forward to working with a motivated and enthusiastic committee, to organize valuable and memorable educational events.



My name is Stefana Nevinglovschi, I was born and raised in Romania. I am currently in my 3rd year of IBEB, doing a minor and an internship. 
This year I am honored to be the External Relations Officer of EESA. This implies that I am the main contact person for the association, maintaining and establishing new partnerships. My main goal is to enhance the exposure of EESA and expand its network. 
Besides that, I will be the co-chair of the career/educational committee, which supports the professional development of students by providing career oriented opportunities, such as workshops, professional talks, networking events, and many more.
Apart from studying and working, I am a fitness enthusiast, I love traveling, reading and photography, especially with an old film camera. I am a very friendly and positive person, who loves meeting new people. So you can always approach me if you want to have a chat, especially over a cup of coffee.